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#gamigoVIParty at ‘Wartesaal am Dom’

29. August 2017

On August 23rd, 2017, the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: the gamigoVIParty in the light of the gamescom 2017! We’ve pimped up the beautiful location ‘Wartesaal am Dom’, and innumerous bees, slimes and gamigo t-shirts were waiting to be picked up by their new owners. Even the weather was on our side and granted us a mild summer night.


At 7pm, right on time, our security guards opened the gates and the first guests made their way into the hall. It didn’t take long until people started to slightly move their feet to the upbeat rhythms of our music. The first VIP guest hasn’t been long in coming and was soon posing for some selfies and signing autographs. When the guys from The Circle of Alchemists started with their show at 8pm, no one managed to stand still anymore and the whole crowd started dancing and jumping around. Our audience was terrific, dancing right next to the DJs on stage!


The highlight of the evening was the award ceremony of our Cosplay Competition. MaulCosplay and Maja Felicitas gracefully presented the laudatory speech. Our jury – MaulCosplay, Maja, Zayouri und Anissa – had a hard time making a final decision. Again, many thanks to all cosplayers for participating in our competition, and congratulations to the four winners!

  1. Place: Sabrina         500€ Coupon for
  2. Place: Amanda       300€ Coupon for
  3. Place: Leah             200€ Coupon for
  4. Place: Patrick         Hardware set from Roccat

It didn’t take long until the next DJ started rocking the party location: Sarazar. After a first Meet&Greet at the photo booth, he managed to heat up the vibe with his spicy beats and endless energy. We still can’t believe it, but at some point, a polonaise of 80 people jumped through the halls! Our guests were just incredible.

People danced and partied until the early morning.

Here and at our Facebook page you can find all our collected photos of this incredible event. Enjoy!

gamigo Summerparty 2017 in Borgwedel: 24 Hours of Teambuilding and Fun

29. June 2017


Early on June 16, four busses from Hamburg and Berlin slowly found their way to the Baltic Sea – to Borgwedel, close to Kappeln, to be exact. As befits a young company, everybody was accommodated in a youth hostel and after preparing the beds (yep, that’s right, everyone had to make their own bed – lucky were those few who did that in time) the whole crowd was divided up for a number of activities. Geocaching, high rope course, canoeing, and sailing were on the agenda. In stark contrast to the weather forecast the sun did in fact shine and so only the canoeists and the sailing team got wet – but that was kind of to be expected and did nothing to sour anyone’s mood.  


Later, after everyone had had a chance to freshen (and suit) up a bit, a group pic was to be taken and the more “official” part of the day began. Remco and Jens thanked all employees for a successful past year and praised the commitment of their teams in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster, and Darmstadt. When Axel, in his matchless style, had announced the “objectively chosen” winners of the individual activities and presented them with awesome prizes like neon glasses, shark hats, and fast-access passes for the bar, the delicious barbecue buffet was started and the more cozy part of the evening took shape.


Thanks to DJ Wolle (he was called that, in fact, and not DJ Küste) it got hot on the dancefloor and the photo booth was a much-frequented attraction for all gamigos, as well. Speaking of getting hot, an honorable mention is in place for the radiant heaters the management could provide in the last second. As quite fresh temperatures had been forecast, six of these heaters were bought without further ado and set up by helping hands – which isn’t quite as easy as it would seem. But in the end, even this fifth “team building challenge” had been resolved successfully: by 10 p.m. the last “Heizpilz” began to shed its warmth over the partying crowd.



Since there was nothing like a “last call” the dancing lasted into the small hours and a not so small number of gamigos decided to skip sleep altogether. However, the trip home started pretty much on time the next morning at around 10:30 a.m. – with everyone carrying new precious memories of a terrific team event at the river Schlei in Borgwedel. And don’t forget: “What happens in Borgwedel stays in Borgwedel”- All who were there are already looking forward to a new party adventure in the next summer … whether back in Borgwedel or anywhere else!


gamigo‘s awesome adventures at the Role Play Convention 2017 in Cologne

1. June 2017

Cologne / Hamburg – On May 27 and 28, 2017, tens of thousands of dedicated role playing, cosplay, anime, and fantasy fans met at the Role Play Convention to turn Cologne’s exhibition center into Europe’s largest role playing event. With more than 250 exhibitors, the convention was larger than ever before and of course gamigo would not miss out on a great event like this. On Friday morning, four steadfast gamigos set out for Cologne to set up the booth, plug in the game stations, and prepare everything for the fair’s opening on Saturday. After all, the booth was right opposite the main entrance, so there was no way visitors could accidentally “sneak past” gamigo.

RPC Cologne 2017

Subsequently, the booth was right in the center of attention when the doors opened at 10 a.m. Numerous spectacular cosplayers lined up in front of it, Minions, Wolverine, Deadpool and many more – they were all there.

RPC Cologne 2017

Over the time of the convention, hundreds visited the gamigo booth to get a good look at our games. Twin Saga, Fiesta Online, Echo of Soul, or Dragon’s Prophet – the game stations were always busy. But the most beloved gimmick was the “Wheel of Fortune” where every hour players had the chance to win memorabilia and merchandise.

RPC Cologne 2017

On Sunday evening around 18 p.m., four now rightfully exhausted gamigos began the trip home to Hamburg, jam-packed with unforgettable impressions and a whole bunch of new registrations.

RPC Cologne 2017

We would like to thank our partners Roccat,, and Raubtierbrause. gamigo is already looking forward to doing it all again next year! PS. From June 9 to 11, gamigo will be attending Magnology in the Hafen City Cruise Center here in Hamburg.

„Bread“ and games – gamigo‘s first testing session has been a great success!

17. March 2017

gamigo Testsession

Hamburg – Ever wanted to be a game tester in of one of Europe’s leading gaming companies – and let yourself be treated to some free pizza along the way? Several hundred gamers did not want to miss out on this chance; but unfortunately only sixteen lucky ones could take part in the first gamigo testing session in Hamburg.

After a warm welcome and a brief introduction to the game testing procedure, the new testers were ready to explore a brand-new game. Details will have to be skipped for the time being but we can tell you this: quick reactions, perseverance, and skill were especially in demand. And thanks to snacks, soft drinks, and an extensive choice of delicious pizza nothing could come between our testers and their challenging tasks. gamigo Testsession Later, a detailed questionnaire helped to collect and document our testers’ impressions. Their comments concerning game entry, graphics, sound, and other important aspects of the game as well as their objective external viewpoint provided valuable insights. Thanks to all testers, the first session has been a great success and the whole gamigo team is already looking forward to the next testing session on April 28 – for which we will begin to invite a new round of testers in early April. If you are interested too, please fill out a short application here.  

With team spirit and finesse: the gamigo Foosball tournament

30. January 2017



Hamburg – The first team event this year was held under the slogan “Foosball”. What is pronounced in English like “Fußball” in German is known here as table-football or “kickern”. And while every year the best of the best gather in Las Vegas for the world championships in professional kicker, a small but illustrious band of gamigo employees invaded the Vivo Sports Bar in Altona.

A tournament was played in randomly chosen teams of two, but later the table-footballers also experimented with alternative game models – and some players revealed impressive skills “at the pitch”, including special leather gloves and maneuvers extraordinaire.

After furious matches, refreshing cold drinks and a number of spectacular goals the winning team was proclaimed – (picture below). But not only the victorious players deserved a certificate this evening – so did “team spirit” itself.

foosball gewinner_klein