Step 1

Apply with your complete application papers (cover letter, curriculum vitae, reference letters, salary expectation and the earliest start date) via the respective link, which is enclosed to the relevant job posting.

Step 2

If you have convinced us, we’ll contact you in order to arrange an appointment. Depending on where you live and the position you’re applying for, it will be a skype or a personal interview.

Step 3

So the day has finally come: we’ll get to know each other. And you’re probably pretty nervous. Don’t be!

1. We’re a nice bunch of people.
2. To be honest, we might be a little bit nervous, too.

And now you’re probably asking yourself what you should wear for the appointment. That’s easy: Since we’re interested in you as a person, we would like to encourage you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Step 4

In case that you haven’t convinced us, you’ll get a rejection mail as soon as possible. We know refusals are annoying, but please don’t be sad or discouraged. The job doesn’t only have to fit to you, but you also have to fit to the job.

Step 5

You’ve convinced us in every aspect? Congratulations and welcome to the gamigo group!

Suit Okay
Jeans, T-Shirt & Sneaker: Fine