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Remco Westermann - Vorstand der gamigo AG Remco Westermann - Vorstand der gamigo AG

As Remco Westermann, born in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in 1963, was awarded his master’s degree in Business Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1990, no one would have been able to imagine the completely new markets that the future would hold: New Media, Mobile and Online Entertainment. Back then, the top manager of today immediately recognized the potential that lay in these dynamic sectors and consequently focused his work on these areas.

25 years later, Remco Westermann looks back on an extraordinary management career. From an advisor at Adstrat to CEO/Chairman at companies such as Sonera, Sonera Zed, Bob Mobile AG, that he successfully listed on the stock exchange, Samarion SE and finally at gamigo AG.

The top manager, who specialized in New Media with a focus on Mobile and Online Entertainment, has the required expertise to set up and determine the platform strategy of gamigo AG in the best way for the future.

Remco Westermann has held the position of gamigo AG CEO since November 2012. He is also responsible for the areas Strategy, Product, Finances and Human Resources. Westermann takes gamigo AG on completely new paths. Started as an online magazine for PC and console games in 2002, gamigo AG has since become the internationally successful provider of online and mobile games of today.

Some time ago, Remco Westermann and the gamigo AG management decided to halt the development of their own games and shift the focus to publishing internationally successful mobile and online games. Against the background of the rapidly growing games market, the main focus is on developing the gamigo platform strategy, comprised of the columns Publishing, an in-house IT Platform, and Acquisitions.

The strategic decisions have quickly reaped rewards. gamigo is now one of the leading providers of free-to-play online games and set up sustainably in the mobile games sector. The gamigo platform offers a broad portfolio of titles that cover different genres and appeal to different target groups. In total, gamigo has over 100 million registered gamer accounts worldwide. In order to broaden this portfolio, specialized for the core, mid-core and casual markets, gamigo focuses, on the customer side, on Europe as well as North America and is at the same time open for developers from all over the world, for example if Korean or Chinese game developers want to market their games in Europe.

gamigo AG also strengthens its Publishing and IT Platform areas with acquisitions: as a result of growing challenges and requirements with regard to IT infrastructure as well as increasing customer acquisition costs, the need for efficiency in the growing games market is high and hard for smaller businesses to achieve. These businesses present a great acquisition opportunity for gamigo AG. Therefore, future focus is on consistently broadening the games portfolio and especially on expanding the gamigo platform strategy, which includes the related acquisition of game companies as well as businesses in related markets such as mobile payment providers.

Apart from gamigo AG, the group consists of, among others, Aeria Games, Infernum, Intenium, adspree and GameSpree. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as via acquisitions and has performed 10+ M&As since 2013, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.

In his free time, Remco Westermann pursues his passion for Asian art, visits Asian countries with his wife and two children and is also an enthusiastic skier.

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