Remco Westermann - Vorstand der gamigo AG
Remco Westermann - Vorstand der gamigo AGRemco Westermann
Co-CEO & Co-Chairman

Remco Westermann, born 1963, has been CEO of gamigo AG as well as responsible for Product Management, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources since November 2012. He has more than 15 years’ experience in New Media with key focus on mobile and online entertainment.

He was also the founder and CEO of the listed company Bob Mobile AG (later Cliqdigital AG). Before this, he had been a co-founder of Zed (a provider for mobile services) and in a leading role at Sonera, Balance Point and Rost & Co. He has a Masters Degree in Business Economics (Rotterdam).

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Theodor Niehues - Vorstand der gamigo AG
Theodor Niehues - Vorstand der gamigo AGTheodor Niehues
Co-CEO & Co-Chairman

Theodor Niehues, born 1965, has been a gamigo AG board member since June 2014. His role includes the areas Partnering, M&A and Capital Market Communications. He has many years’ experience of international management in Marketing and Product Management as well as Business and Markey Development and Sales.

Before being Co-CEO of gamigo, Theodor Niehues was CEO of the listed company net mobile AG. Niehues was also Director of the leading Japanese mobile network provider NTT Docomo’s German subsidiary.

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