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Since being founded in 2002, gamigo AG has risen rapidly from being a magazine for PC games to being one of the leading providers of free-to-play online and mobile games in Europe. Over 40 million players have also registered for gamigo’s client, browser and mobile games. Key to gamigo’s success are the years of experience at the strategic level among the Executive Board of all business sectors in the Gaming market as well as the employees in all departments. A unique selling point in addition to this is the broad games portfolio on offer that covers all genres and appeals to all ages groups.

The Hamburg-based company has a over 100 permanent employees. gamigo AG opened a San Francisco office in 2013 to actively publish and distribute games in the North American market. gamigo AG is also represented with offices in Berlin, Chicago, Kaliningrad and Seoul. On the Executive Board are Remco Westermann und Andreas Planer.


In 2000, Gamigo was founded in Rheine by brothers Holger, Ralf and Rolf Klöppel with the support of financial investors BMP AG and AS Venture GmbH as an online magazine for PC and Console games. In May 2001, gamigo purchased the licensing rights to the game Die 4. Offenbarung and published the first localised German language online role playing game. The successful formation of Gamigo AG followed in the same year. In the following years, many German language games were released. These included: Anarchy Online (May 2002), Tactical Commanders (June 2003), Puzzle Pirates (May 2004), Goal United (June 2006), Shot Online (May 2007), Dreamlords (July 2007), Regnum Online (August 2007) and Smash Online (December 2007).


In 2008, the games Last Chaos and Fiesta Online were published. Gamigo expanded into the rest of Europe and published Shot Online and Last Chaos. In the same year, Axel Springer AG bought all of the BMP AG stake in Gamigo. Gamigo became a 100% subsidiary of Axel Springer in 2009. Last Chaos was also published in Polish and was the first of the publisher’s games to get over 1 million players in Europe.


In 2010, Gamigo published Cultures Online, the first self-produced game made by German developer team Funatics. At the end of 2010, the business bought a stake in the German developer Reakktor Media. Together, they developed and ran the online action game Black Prophecy. In 2011, Gamigo bought a 20.1% stake in the Korean developer who made Fiesta Online, OnsOn Soft. In October 2012, Axel Springer AG sold all of its stake in Gamigo AG to Düsseldorf based strategic investor Samarion S.E. On 28th July 2013, Gamigo released a statement that its 100% subsidiary Gamigo Advertising GmbH had acquired the online community gulli.com. On 7th December 2013, Gamigo AG had purchased the North American licence for the portfolio product “Last Chaos” from Aeria Games. On 23rd September 2014, gamigo AG acquired the Hamburg-based games publisher INTENIUM GmbH with the games (developed in Kaliningrad) Alamandi, Bonga Online (cross-platform) and The Rats (cross-platform) as well as the games platform Deutschland Spielt, also offered as an HTML5-Version with a large number of casual and mobile games…


On 4th March 2015, gamigo AG presented the B2B offer Gaming as a Service (GaaS, Software as a Service (Saas)) at the Games Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. gamigo-GaaS is a distribution platform that offers developers the possibility to self-publish games with the use of single or various modules of the gamigo platform. In addition to this, gamigo AG increased its stake in the Berlin-based mobiled games publisher Piraya Mobile (mobile game:Dino Empire) GmbH from 49% to 100% in the same month.

On 29th April 2015, gamigo AG acquired (retrospectively from 1st February 2015) the Berlin based GameSpree GmbH with the games Kings and Legends and War 2 Glory. On 1st July 2015, gamigo AG, together with next ideo GmbH, founded Infernum Games GmbH(50% each), that now carries on the work of former games publisher Infernum Productions AG with the games Dragon’s Prophet, Hazard Ops and Brickforce.

On 6th July 2015, gamigo AG acquired the Berlin-based mobile payment specialists Mobile Business Engine GmbH (mbe GmbH). The acquisition supports and supplements the gamigo platform strategy.



gamigo AG has been nominated for and won a diverse range of international games industry awards for the quality of the work done by the studios as well as for the titles in the gamigo portfolio.


European Games Award
Best European Community Management (Winner)

European Games Award
Best European Multiplayer Game, Loong: Dragonblood (Nominated)


German Developer Awards
Best Browser Game, Jagged Alliance Online (Winner)

German Developer Awards
Best Browser Game, Asterix and Friends (Nominated)


MMO of the Year
Browser Game of the Year, Pirate Galaxy (Nominated)


Massiverly’s Best of E3
Biggest Surprise, Black Prophecy (Winner)

German Video Game Awards
Best Browser Game, Pirate Galaxy (Winner)











gamigo group 2015

September 2015
gamigo takes over the traffic-network POGED GmbH

June 2015
gamigo acquires mobile payment specialist mobile business engine GmbH

July 2015
gamigo and next idea GmbH acquire Infernum

Februar 2015
gamigo presents Gaming as a Service

gamigo group 2014

December 2014
gamigo starts cooporation with Electronic Arts

September 2014
gamigo übernimmt INTENIUM GmbH

August 2014
Theodor Niehues joins the executive board

July 2014
gamigo enters into strategic cooporation with Ubisoft

April 2014
gamigo and Studio 100 starting development of Wickie Online

March 2014
Loong: Dragonblood is nominated for the European Games Award 2014

gamigo group 2013

December 2013
gamigo takes over the North-American licence of MMORPGLast Chaos

October 2013
Joachim Bertold Bonke joins the executive board

July 2013
Launch of Loong: Dragonblood

June 2013
gamigo performs a successful start in the capital market

gamigo group 2012

November 2012
Remco Westermann joins the executive board

October 2012
The strategic Investor Samarion S.E. acquires all shares of the gamigo AG

September 2012
Jagged Alliance Online launches in Europe and North America

gamigo group 2011

Oktober 2011
Cultures Online is available in South Korea, Russia, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil in the local languages

September 2011
Magic Campus opens its gates in Europe in English, German and French

May 2011
gamigo launches its first 3D browser game in Europe and North America: Dungeon Empires.

March 2011
Two additional language versions of Heroes in the Sky – English and French – are launched

March 2011
gamigo’s largest project to date – Black Prophecy – goes live and starts phenomenally

February 2011
With the launch of Golfstar, a new generation of golf MMOGs arrives in Europe and North America

January 2011
gamigo unleashes the dragon with the launch of Loong: The Power of the Dragon in Europe and North America

gamigo group 2010

December 2010
gamigo acquires a stake in the developer studio Reakktor Media and all rights to the space action MMOG Black Prophecy

October 2010
War of Angels spreads its wings over Europe with the launch of the English-language version

September 2010
King of Kings 3 is the first gamigo game to go live in Europe and North America

August 2010
gamigo celebrates the launch of its first self-produced browser game, Cultures Online. The game is launched in English, German and French. A Spanish version follows shortly thereafter

July 2010
The English-language version of Martial Empires goes live and is an instant success

May 2010
Fiesta Online is launched in Spain

April 2010
Launch of the browser-based role-playing game The Witcher: Versus in North America and Europe

March 2010
Fiesta Online reaches 500,000 players

gamigo group 2009

November 2009
Launch of the air combat MMOG Heroes in the Sky

June 2009
Last Chaos reaches 1,000,000 players in Europe

April 2009
Launch of the 3D MMORPG NeoSteam, the 3D browser-based MMOG Pirate Galaxy and the hockey MMOG Slapshot Underground

March 2009
Launch of the Polish edition of Last Chaos while the game reaches the 500,000 player mark in Germany

January 2009
Axel Springer AG increases its ownership of gamigo AG shares to 100%

gamigo group 2008

December 2008
Start of Last Chaos in France and Spain

October 2008
Start of Shot Online in France and Spain

September 2008
Axel Springer AG acquires the shares previously held by bmp AG, raising its share in gamigo to 94.75%

August 2008
Launch of the car racing MMOG Level R

July 2008
Launch of the MMORPG Fiesta Online

July 2008
Launch of the sequel Dreamlords: The Re-Awakening

February 2008
Launch of the MMORPG Last Chaos

gamigo group 2007

December 2007
Launch of the MMO tennis game Smash Online

August 2007
Launch of the MMORPG Regnum Online

July 2007
Launch of the first hybrid strategy MMOG Dreamlords

May 2007
Launch of the MMO golf game Shot Online in Germany

Februar 2007
Increase in capital and shares owned by bmp AG and Axel Springer AG (AS Venture GmbH)

gamigo group 2006

June 2006
Launch of the online soccer management game Goal United

gamigo group 2005

no news

gamigo group 2004

May 2004
Launch of the German-language version of Puzzle Pirates

gamigo group 2003

June 2003
Launch of the first German-language online strategy game Tactical Commanders

gamigo group 2002

May 2002
Launch of the German-language version of Anarchy Online

gamigo group 2001

May 2001
Launch of the first German-language massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) “Die vierte Offenbarung”

the gamigo group